Fabulous Four

Our group’s title Fabulous Four could not have been more appropriate. To begin with we are all females and as nature has it we all wear our hair naturally.So we were in sync from the very beginning. The name Fabulous Four sprung out effortlessly and so too did our topic, natural hair. So our topic and our name are a true reflection of who we are, all natural-haired sisters.

Makeda Richards
This is the journey of a stylist. She is very creative when it comes to hair styling and as such decided to share a few pictures of  the styles she documented. Makeda considers her styles to be amateur but classy and beautiful.Her hopes are to be a part time stylist for natural hair women of different textures. Her Bachelor Degree in Biology is just a compliment to the talents she possesses. She has dreams of becoming a sonographer and lecturer but hair styling is something she can never give up. The satisfaction of clients gives her life meaning. As a Christian, she believes that we are on earth to serve each other in the best way possible.

Amelia Bartholomew Douglas

Our dreadlocks sister has actually traversed the paths of natural and processed hair. Her hair has been her treasured possession from childhood to this present moment .She has embarked on a dreadlocks journey for the past eight years and is an avid advocate for it. She truly believes that natural hairstyles like dreadlocks are an avenue of self-expression, an approach that she endorses. As a teacher she undoubtedly has a passion for creativity and versatility and instinctively fosters the development of such in all of her undertaking. Natural hair and natural hairstyles will always appeal to her since she prides herself on living her best life simply, naturally.

Megan Radix

My name is Megan E. Radix. Currently, I am a  biology student at St. George’s University.I am the first of 3 children, I am calm, polite, respectful, adventurous and curious and I take pride in knowing and embracing my heritage.The inspiration for my blog post came as a result of the revolution encouraging black women to embrace their natural hair. I have had first-hand experience with friends who ask me “why don’t you do something to that?” That refers to my hair. I often ignore them because I know that I am beautiful. I know my natural hair with its coils, tangles and bounce entail years of history from my ancestors.

Nadine Joseph

My name is Nadine Joseph. I admire ladies who are not afraid to show their natural hair. I originate from the beautiful area St. Marks where males and females proudly flaunt their natural hair. One of my favorite Sunday past time activity is to wash and treat my long  hair, hence the inspiration for doing the maintenance and up keep of natural hair. I have been natural all my life and can convince anyone without a doubt that this is indeed the best route to take since the benefits are amazing!








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