Natural Hair Styles:How it all began


What is considered a woman’s beauty? For me it’s my hair. I love my thick, black, kinky hair; I really do. At age of five I started using a doll to comb cornrow styles and then practiced on my grandmother’s hair. To be honest, she would be upset most of the times because the styles were small and in different directions. However, that is where my skill was harnessed. At secondary school, I was the hair guru. When I mean guru I mean in almost every function, my hands were in someone’s hair to style it. Sports day, school fair, special functions I was always needed. Now being a twenty -one year old student at university you may think I wouldn’t be styling hair as before. Well it is just the same even at university. I even style hair for weddings and church functions.  I have two younger sisters so the obligations remain the same.Every Sunday I would style their hair for the week. Also I am a member of a church filled with sisters; guess what, I’m always called to style a sister’s hair. I would get a call, “sister you know wedding is Sunday so I need muh hair plait”. I would respond, “Well I have people hair to comb Saturday night so early Sunday morning you would have to come by”. Most of the time I get it done and looking great. In the future blogs I promise to capture every moment.

The calls for hair styles are numerous. However, there is one special call that I always look forward to. There is an elderly lady in her sixties, Ms. Erma. She would say, “Ms. Richards, how u doing, well I jus call you to find out if I can get a plait, we have communion on Sunday’’. I love going to this lady. She makes me feel so special. When she’s sitting and my hand is in her hair, she would tell me how much she admires me, how I should behave myself and gives me the inspiration that I need. It is like a weekly top up of motivation. This is what keeps me going. Moreover, I firmly believe that woman should embrace her natural beauty, natural hair, the way God created her to be. I believe, the most confident woman is the one who can express herself in her natural state, not behind the shades of makeup and additional hair. Be yourself!

So now I would like to show you a few of my styles. The pictures are amateur as I would do them in the presence of my extended family. They love witnessing me style hair and of course give me advice on how I should comb the person hair. I do think of styling hair on a professional level where I would be paid but all for now it’s my hobby. This is one of my friends. She visits me often for many hairstyles most of which are mohawks.

With each picture I would tell you how you can achieve the styles.

My hairstyles

This style I would call a pin-in mohawk.

Basically I divide the hair in three sections horizontally. Every section is tied with a rubber band or hair band. Starting from the back section, the hair would be twisted in small twists, the middle section likewise and then the top section. Cohesively,  they would be pinned together to create a mohawk crown.


Who loves a neat cornrow ? Well I surely do. When you’re looking for a hairstyle that can last you a week but you can still look classy to go to any function.
Cornrow updo crown
I leave a circular section in the center of the lady’s hair and comb it in small twists. This is to give the hair body or to make it look puffy . Then I comb all around the twist at the center in a cornrow desired or one that I like. I love to keep things simple and classy. This is one of my favorite and I remembered to capture the moment. She is truly happy. My grandmother is at the back smiling.

real pic.png

This is another one you can try. Beautiful isn’t it?

pic th.png

This is her daughter. She was a mini bride at a wedding and I was honored to style her hair.


Mohawk cornrow crown
This is a simple mohawk which I created.The directions in getting this style is simple. The hair is sectioned in two vertically. Each side is style with cornrow towards the center. The ends are neatly pinned to create an elongated crown.
real pic.jpg

This is a mini cornrow updo

This is another friend of mine, she needed a style for a board room meeting. The hair is sectioned into large ascending parts to the top of the head. They are then split in two with cornrows styled towards each other. She added an extension to the top of the hair to add volume and flare to the style.


If you’re like me and would love a simple but long lasting style (depends on your hair texture). Try twisting your whole hair.You can try a two strand twist but three strand to two strand lasts longer (you start with three then two strands). The size depends on you. However it is time consuming based on how small the individual twists are. I took approximately five hours but its looked amazing after and it can last up to a month . With beauty comes pain but totally worth it. With the twists, you can add  or bantu knots for a curly look. I normally do that after about three week when the hair starts to look a bit fuzzy. Other styles like mohawk and buns can be achieved using this style.


     Here are some tips when styling your hair:

  • Moisture is key . Therefore use products that suit your hair types before styling .
  • Moisturise the hair twists or cornrows daily. Hair need to be fed! It will grow.
  • When twisting the ends , I recommend Murray’s Beeswax for any hair texture. it keeps the hair longer by giving a shiny and firm feel.
  • When the hair gets rough at the edges use hair prostyles gel, hair jam or olive oil edge control . These I recommend for any hair type but the choice is up to you. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ product for natural hair. Hairstyles are done based on how you would look it in , so be creative .
  • Love yourself and your hair.

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