Maintenance and Care for Your Natural Hair


Natural hair has been all the craze for the last five years or so and with the renewed love for natural hair, hair care and maintenance have drastically upgraded. No longer do ladies or men pick up any product(s) from the supermarket or neighborhood shop to wash and take care of our hair. Hair maintenance is now a very big issue since we all want beautiful, healthy hair with length. And the invent of social media has allowed immediate access to different methods and products for natural hair maintenance.

Although professionals and amateur alike swear by their way of natural hair care and maintenance, here are five rules I live by that every naturalista should know whether you are transitioning, newly transitioned or lifelong naturalistas like myself.

  1. Moisturesumhair1

Photo creds: Kweli Wright

One thing natural hair needs more than anything else I can think of is moisture. It doesn’t matter if you have thin short hair, a long wavy mane or anything in between for that matter, your hair will always need moisture, so every time before you style your hair – make sure your hair is properly moisturized; not drenched just properly moisturized. This helps with manageability and flexibility of your hair and also helps prevent damage or breakage during styling.

  1. Detanglingdetangling

Photo creds: Nadine Joseph

Some may argue that detangling is bad for hair growth but I beg to differ– detangling is a must. Detangling and getting rid of those pesky knots, whether it be by fingers or big-tooth comb is very beneficial to your hair. Detangling makes your hair more manageable, results in less breakage and makes your hair look much better. One thing to remember though- always starts detangling from your ends and gradually work your way up. This prevents damage to your cuticles which are very important.

3. Deep conditioning


Photo creds: Nadine Joseph

Making sure that your hair is properly conditioned is very important. Deep conditioning is very different from the conditioning you do after shampooing; deep conditioning helps repair your hair from the roots all the way to the very end. Some of the major reasons why we should and have to deep condition includes styling product build up, heat damage, damage caused by chemically treated hair or the use of braids and weaves. Getting rid of product build up, the use of braids and weaves, the use of heat or chemicals leaves your hair dry, brittle and seriously damaged but deep conditioning will help revitalize your hair and protect it from further damage. Deep conditioning is recommended once a week or every other week but only if necessary.

4. No manipulation period


Photo creds: Pretty Hairstyles

Whether it be brushing the edges or even doing your nightly bed time routine. There are days when your hair just needs a rest. Rest from you, rest from products or rest for combs and brushes. Manipulating your hair on a daily basis can lead to breakage and split ends. This can definitely slow your progress when it comes to length retention since your ends are the oldest and weakest parts of your hair, they are more susceptible to breakage. Putting in a protective style for a couple days or a week or two does your hair more good than bad – just make sure you deep conditioned beforehand.

  1. Set aside wash dayshair

Photo creds: Nadine Joseph

You may wonder what I mean by that but it will all be explained soon. We all know washing our hair is a major task that usually takes almost an entire day to complete, so set aside a day to wash and treat your hair. No matter what routine you may have, take your time and be gentle with your hair. Remember- when your hair is wet it is in a weakened state.


Here are some products you can try out, they have been my go-to for many years:

  1. Africa’s best triple hair repair
  2. Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie
  3. Organic hair energizer hair growth booster


Hope these rules and products come in handy and your natural hair journey is a wonderful one.  :*


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